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Free Tips : How Bloggers Can Use Pinterest

Find Ideas for Blog Posts:

There are many creative ways to come up with ideas for blog posts, and Pinterest is a great choice! Browse through pinboards using a keyword search related to your blog topic. You're sure to find a diverse list of pinboards and pins to get your creative juices flowing. Click through some of the results and see what people are sharing on their pinboards as well as which pins are getting a lot of repins, likes, and comments. These are likely to be images and videos that will get your blog audience talking, too, and could be perfect sources for new blog posts.

Share Images and Videos from Your Blog:

When you publish an interesting image or video on your blog, you can pin it on Pinterest, too. Just make sure you pin more content from other sources than your own, or you'll look like you're only interested in self-promotion. No one will follow you and you might even be found in violation of Pinterest's terms of use if you use your pinboards solely for self-promotion.
Here is an example. Imagine that you write a blog about cooking and publish an image of your latest Italian dish along with the recipe on your blog. You can pin the image on a Pinterest pinboard called "My Best Italian Dishes," making it easy for people on that site to find all of your best Italian creations. Create another pinboard for "My Best Desserts," "My Biggest Cooking Failures," "Cooking Tools I Can't Live Without," and so on. These pinboards can include images from your blog, while other pinboards could include content from other sources. For example, you could create pinboards called "Dishes from Chefs that Inspire Me," "Cooking Tools I Wish I Had," and "Amazing Kitchens." By pinning content published by other people, you can start to build relationships with them that can lead to blog growth.

Find Your Audience and Engage with Them:

Chances are your blog audience (or people who match your current blog audience profile) are on Pinterest. If you can find them and start to engage with them on Pinterest by liking, repinning, and commenting on their pins, then they might start doing the same for you. That puts your pins in front of a wider audience. Some of that exposure might turn into blog traffic from people who see your pins and want to learn more from you!

Find Online Influencers and Build Relationships:

Just as connecting with your blog audience and engaging with them on Pinterest can help grow your blog, so can finding and engaging with online influencers. Look for people on Pinterest who already have the eyes and ears of your target audience and start following them, repinning their content, liking their pins, and commenting on their pins. In time, your efforts will get noticed and you'll be able to start building relationships with these influencers. When you get on an influencer's radar screens, you have the potential to get your content in front of his or her audience, which can lead to a surge in exposure and traffic to your blog.

Save Images and Videos to Blog About Later:

Sometimes, you find a great image or video online that you want to blog about, but you just don't have time to do it at that moment. Why not pin it on a Pinterest pinboard, so it's easy to find all of those blog post ideas later? You can create a pinboard called "Blog Post Inspiration" and keep all of your blog post fodder there. It's just like a file cabinet but without all the paper!