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Free 5 Tricks To Use Keywords In Your Blog Posts How To Boost Blog Traffic With Keyword Writing And SEO

how to use keyword for seo
One of the biggest sources of traffic to your blog will be search engines, particularly Google.  You can boost the traffic that comes to your blogs from search engines by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) tricks into your blog layout and writing.  You can get started by doing some keyword research and determining which keywords are likely to drive the most traffic to your blog.  Then focus on incorporating those keywords into your blog posts using the tricks below.

1. Use keywords in your blog post title.

One of the best ways to incorporate keywords into your blog posts is to use them in your blog post titles.  However, don't sacrifice a title's ability to motivate people to click through and read your entire blog post.  Learn 3 tips to write great blog post titles.

2. Focus on using just one or two keyword phrases in each blog post.

To maximize the traffic that comes to your blog via search engines, focus on optimizating each of your blog posts for just one or two keyword phrases.  Too many keyword phrases dilutes the content of your post for readers and can look like spam to both readers and search engines.  You can learn more about using specific keywords to maximize search traffic by reading about long tail search engine optimization.

Free Tricks : Boost Blog Traffic With Long Tail Search Engine Optimization How To Grow Your Blog By Targeting Specific Search Terms

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Most bloggers who analyze their blog traffic statistics learn that the majority of visitors to their blogs come directly from keyword searches on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Many of those bloggers spend a lot of time doing keyword research to identify the keywords that people are actively typing into their preferred search engines to find content similar to what is published on those blogs. The reason is simple. Once you know the keywords that people use in order to find content like yours, you can revise your existing content and write new content that actually uses those keywords in order to capture some traffic from those keyword searches.
A Search Engine Optimization Problem
Unfortunately, the world of online keyword searches is imperfect, and it can be very difficult to compete with large, popular Web sites for broad and popular keyword traffic. How can your small blog appear high enough in keyword search results when big sites with deep pockets and vast content are already dominating the scene?

Free Tips : How Many Links Are Too Many Links For SEO? When Links Change From SEO Boosters To SEO Spammers

how can be seo spammer
Using keywords in links is a great way to boost search engine optimization and drive more traffic to your blog through search engine keyword searches because most search engine ranking algorithms weigh linked text heavier than non-linked text. However, too many links can be viewed as a spam technique causing search engines like Google to remove your blog from search results completely. You don't want that to happen!
The accepted link to text ratio estimated by search engine optimization experts is one link for every 125 words. That means if your blog post is 250 words, you can feel confident including up to two links in that post without hurting your search engine rankings but still helping those rankings if your links are keyword-specific.
Once a blog is removed from search engine rankings because it is flagged as spam, it's nearly impossible for it to get readmitted. Therefore, avoid potentially being labeled as a link spammer by sticking with the rule of including no more than one link per 125 words of content within a blog post.

Free Tips : Top 4 Keyword Research Tools Free And Paid Sites For Keyword Research And Long-Tail SEO Research

research keyword for seo tricks
If you want to increase traffic to your blog, then search engine optimization (SEO) should be important to you. In order to optimize your blog for keyword search traffic, you need to start by doing some keyword research and long-tail SEO research to learn the keywords and keyword phrases people are using to find content like that offered on your blog. The 4 Web sites below can help you conduct keyword research. Once you find the keywords people are using to find content like yours, you can target those keywords in your blog posts and content (follow the link to learn the top 10 SEO tips).

1. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is probably the best tool for keyword research, but it does have a price tag associated with it. However, you can sign up for a free trial and give it a test drive. If you're serious about search engine optimization, then you should use Wordtracker for your keyword research.

What Is Keyword??

A keyword is a word or phrase (called a keyword phrase) that is used to help index content on Web pages so search engines such as Google can better categorize them and deliver those pages appropriately when people conduct searches.
In other words, Google scans your blog pages and identifies keywords and keyword phrases using a contextual algorithm. Google then indexes those pages based on the content and keywords found on those pages and delivers them when people search using the keywords found on your blog pages.
Keywords are an important element of search engine optimization (SEO).
Also Known As: keyword phrase